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Shengdingyuan Manufacturing has established a high-quality R&D team and hired domestic and foreign experts to conduct continuous research and development on various products and projects. In the face of diversified international market competition, Shengdingyuan Tube Manufacturing will continue to work hard and forge ahead in the new journey, and make a new chapter!


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Company mission: to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and to create a happy and beautiful life for employees

"Provide satisfactory products and services to the vast number of new and old customers" is the mission and responsibility of the **** company. It is the requirement to give play to the overall advantages of the company, create a development platform, cultivate qualified personnel, and become a well-known enterprise in the industry. ****With a high sense of responsibility, we strive to achieve technological development, improve product quality, and meet the needs of customers, employees, the country and society. At the same time, **** provides each employee with a broad development platform to fully display their talents and technology.

Core values: people-oriented

People are the fundamental purpose of development and the fundamental driving force of development. Everything is for employees and everything depends on employees. The unity of the two constitutes a complete human-oriented content. As a growth-oriented company, **** has established a social goal beyond profit and does not take profit as the only pursuit. Adhere to the value of human beings higher than the value of objects, common value higher than individual value, customer value and social value higher than the value of production and profit of the enterprise; adhere to the path of innovation-driven development, promote technology, management innovation, and construction innovation Oriented enterprises to achieve sustainable development; China is jointly pursuing the harmony and win-win situation of employees, enterprises and customers.

Enterprise spirit: truth-seeking, pragmatic, self-improvement, innovation

Seeking truth-constantly sum up its own characteristics, continue to explore objective laws, and realize the scientific development of the enterprise;
Pragmatic-everything is practiced from reality, ideal but not ideal;
Self-reliance-insist on self-reliance, self-confidence, self-encouragement, self-blame, down-to-earth and perseverance;
Innovation-keep pace with the times, be brave to change, expand the direction of development, and create a path of development.

Development philosophy: development is for employees, development depends on employees, and development results are shared by employees

Development for employees is to focus on solving the most direct, and most realistic interest issues of employees, and to truly implement the purpose of development to meet the needs of employees and improve their living standards. To rely on employees for development, we must respect the dominant position of employees, give full play to their dominant role, plan development ideas and ask employees for their opinions, find development problems and listen to their opinions, implement development tasks rely on their efforts, and measure development effectiveness by employees' judgment. The development results are shared by the employees, and all the results obtained in reform and development must be reflected in the continuous improvement of employees' work and life quality and level, in the continuous improvement of employees' ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality, and in fully guaranteeing employees’ enjoyment Economic, political, cultural, and social rights.

Business philosophy: create value with customers

The value of a company’s existence is reflected in the continuous creation of social value by providing customers with satisfactory services. With the continuous progress of the times and the transformation and upgrading of the company’s business, although customers are constantly changing, customer first, customer first, "with customers The concept of "creating value together" will always be implemented in the production and operation activities of China. We want to consider customers at all times, and exceed customer expectations through our professional skills, scientific management, and quality service.

Team concept: professionalism, cooperation, learning, innovation, excellence

Profession is the basic quality of every employee. We use professional knowledge and professional spirit to complete professional work;
A single tree cannot make a forest, only cooperation can achieve great cause and realize the common growth and progress of the team and the individual;
There is no limit to learning. To engage in our business, we must continue to learn, enrich and improve;
Not satisfied with the status quo, continuous innovation is the eternal driving force of progress, there is no best, only better;
The pursuit of excellence is our unswerving goal and our commitment to customers and society.