Seamless Steel Pipe Nominal Diameter and Thickness, How Seamless Steel Pipe Is Made

Through the extension of the service tentacles, the steel to participate in the user product research, to provide users with technical guidance, as well as to provide cost reduction, system optimization programs, to achieve a direct docking of products and users, so that the road of sales is smooth, the business operation is effectively protected.


Large diameter steel pipe prices steady downward: the logic behind the market adjustment!

The price of large-diameter steel pipe has been adjusted downward in a steady manner: the logic behind the market adjustment!


Sheng Ding Yuan Finished Attending Tube & Wire Southeastern Aisa 2019

Congratulations! Sheng Ding Yuan finished attending Tube & Wire Southeastern Aisa 2019.


ShengDingYuan Donates Medical Masks to Foreign Countries

For days, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has affected the hearts of the people all over the world.


How To Buy The Cheapest Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes

Considering how perfectly designed cold drawn seamless steel tubes are produced to work excellently under high temperature


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